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I Am Free! Affirmation palm stone

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One of these little gems will change your life in wonderful and amazing ways, purchase one alone or receive one every month in the mail with your Agate or any paid Membership plan you choose.


myZenstone Positive Affirmation Palm Stones™ are a key to unlocking your operating system and

retraining your brain for success and abundance in all areas of your life!


You choose the qualities and character traits and re-create yourself!


Grow confidence, drop unwanted weight, attract your perfect partner, increase your financial abundance.

When we truly believe, Everything is possible, first, it becomes our inner truth and then becomes our outer truth and reality.


 myZenstone Affirmation palm stones, are the tactile thing our body needs to help us remind ourselves of

 what "we" choose to believe and attract.


The first law of learning is Repetition!


 Every time we even see the stone or hold it in our hand,

 we are reminded to repeat once more our affirmation

 until it becomes the dominant habitual thought pattern and belief;


Chosen by You!


 Everything we currently believe has been taught to us by someone else and we simply accepted it as a truth.


 We here at myZenstone believe that now is the perfect time!


 Examine, kick out and recreate your own new empowering success, love, happiness and abundance beliefs.


I have attracted my perfect partner, and amazing life and financial abundance beyond my wildest imaginings and you can too!