- Planting Positive Affirmations into the Heart & mind of Humanity with a

myZenstone Affirmation Palm Stone and you are creating generations of uplifting, life giving, positive messages!


- Upgrade today to a paid Membership Subscription of Aventurine or Jade, and we will plant a beautiful oxygen giving tree on our earth.

One tree planted for every stone purchased through myzenstore™ direct, or through a paid membership subscription on your behalf; now you are creating room to breathe for everyone on our planet and for generations to come!


It's That Simple :-) Together, we are changing the energy of our world from fear to love, one stone & one tree at a time.

click here for a full description of what you get with each subscription plan and our incredible "Constant Expansion Project"


I Love myZenstone!


Thank You For Being Here, & For Being Exactly Who You Are!





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I Am Free! Affirmation palm stone
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